Darlene Conner-HealySara

Husband: David Healy (Roseanne's novel)

Husband: Mark Healy (real-life)

Daughter: Harris Healy

Mother: Roseanne Conner

Father: Dan Conner

Sister: Becky Healy

Brothers: D.J. and Jerry Conner

Brother-in-Law: Mark Healy (Roseanne's Novel)

Brother-in-Law: David Healy (Real Life)

Grandmothers: Bev (by Roseanne) and Audrey (by Dan)

Step-Grandmother: Crystal (by Dan)

Grandfathers: Al (by Roseanne) and Ed (by Dan)

Uncles: Lonnie (by Crystal; other marriage), Little Ed (by Crystal and Ed), and Fred (by Jackie; divorced)

Aunts: Jackie (by Al and Bev) and Angela (by Crystal and Ed)

Cousin: Andy (by Jackie and Fred)

Great-Grandmother: Nana Mary (by Bev)


Darlene Conner was born in 1977 to Roseanne and Dan Conner. She is the tomboy in the family. Darlene is closest to her father because of their love of sports. She plays basketball and baseball. Darlene is mostly seen either picking on her brother D.J. or fighting with Becky. She is mostly compared to her mother, because they both share the hobbie of wise-cracking.


Darlene has trouble in school, but during high school she becomes moody, artistic, an animal rights activist, and a vegetarian to more closely match the real-life views and personality of Sara Gilbert. During her freshman year of high school, she begins dating David, coincidentally the younger brother of Becky's husband, Mark. Darlene possesses the same sarcasm and domineering attitude as her mother, often causing the two to clash. Her bossy nature is best seen with David, who usually gives in to her will. Darlene is a very talented writer. Along with David's artistic talents, they begin working seriously on a graphic novel, and Darlene eventually applies for and is awarded early admission and a scholarship to an exclusive art school in Chicago before she finishes high school, which Roseanne allows her to attend after realizing it is her only chance to get out of Lanford and make a better life for herself as the writer Roseanne never was able to be. While in college, she meets a boy named Jimmy, whom she dates while still with David. David is aware she was dating Jimmy, and eventually tells her she has to choose between them. She chooses Jimmy. Later he dumps her because he couldn't get close to her. Darlene realizes she still likes David after going to a movie together and Roseanne talks the two of them into reconciling. Darlene later becomes pregnant by David and soon marries him. She eventually finishes art school and later gives birth to her daughter, Harris Conner-Healy. Harris is born very prematurely and almost doesn't survive, but becomes a healthy child by the series' end. In the series finale, it's revealed that Darlene had really been dating Mark the whole time in "real life", but was written in Roseanne's book as having been with David instead, as Roseanne felt it made more sense.